Thursday, 27 October 2022 14:23

Digital Skills And STEAM In Education: Systematic Mapping Between 2017 And 2021

This article presents the results obtained through the technique of quantitative content analysis applied to the topic of digital competencies and STEAM in education, in the period between 2017 and 2021, in order to determine the research conducted on this topic. The method of systematic mapping of the literature on the STEAM approach in education was developed, for which the Web of Science and Scopus databases were used, finding 214 articles in a general level, of which 61 have open access. The main objective is to identify the characteristics of the documents, to examine which of them have the greatest impact; which are the lines of research; to identify the main journals and their classification; to establish in which languages STEAM is published; to recognize which are the countries where the research comes from, to determine which types of documents. Concluding with a final product called mapping of the production on the subject, which allows and enables researchers and interested readers to delve deeper into the subject, through a careful selection of the main academic articles of the last five years. This article is the result of the first stage of a research that is under development in the PhD program in the Knowledge Society and Action in the fields of Education, Communication, Rights and New Technologies of the UNIR University of Spain. The authors of the article are conducting the research, which main topic is the development of a model for the implementation of digital skills through the development of STEAM projectswith displaced women victims of the armed conflict