STEAM & Digital Skills:
Searching for the new Leonardos

Duration: 24 Months - start: 28/02/2022 - end: 27/02/2024


The Directorate of Primary Education in Arta has undertaken-among other things - an additional European program Erasmus+ KA220 which has to do with the multidimensional personality of today's student and future adult who must have developed skills, flexibility, critical thinking, and a multifarious personality. The program is entitled: "STEAM &digital skills: looking for the Leonardos of tomorrow", a title that refers to Leonardo da Vinci's personality which has inspired us to create this proposal approved by the National Scholarships Foundation (IKY).

This program has to deliver 90 teaching scenarios in STEAM and a guide of teaching scenarios in STEAM, translated into partners countries' language, so as for every educator to be able to teach having the guidelines and analysis instructions of STEAM, starting from the following school year, will be officially introduced in Greek schools via the skill workshops.

The Directorate of Primary Education in Arta aspires to link Art to the technocratic aspect of STEM, emphasizing not only the digital skills but also the culture implied by a field known in our country from antiquity.

S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) is an educational practice that emphasizes the application of knowledge in real situations and the approach towards teaching via experimentation and research, favors creativity, innovation, and cooperation in school. It links sciences, mathematics, and art to contemporary technological applications enhancing students' school performance and developing high-level skills among those involved.

This project belongs to the Erasmus+ programs and each meeting determines the course of the project until the next meeting of the working group. The participants and the Directorate of Primary Education in Arta are ready to create a uniquely-born material, innovative and extremely useful not only for teachers in all participating countries but as a whole if one takes into account the fact that STEAM is not officially taught as a lesson and is not included in the school curriculum of so many European countries.

The aim for each and every try in education is the student but in order to reach our goal, it is essential that we fortify and support the instructor by providing him\her with the requisite knowledge.

Knowledge is power and this is the power we are going to share!