Monday, 27 June 2022 10:09

First Kick-Off Meeting

The first kick-off meeting of the program ERASMUS+ KA220 with the code:2021-1-EL01-KA220-SCH000027823 and the title: "STEAM & Digital Skills: Searching for the new Leonardos" which the Directorate of Primary Education in Arta coordinates with the participation of countries, namely:1) CEIPES-Italy, 2) Siauliai CTC-Lithuania, 3) Inspectoratul Iasi-Romania, 4) Osmaniye Directorate -Turkey and 5) AKETH-Trikala and which has taken place in Arta from the 14th to the 17th of June 2022 has been successfully concluded.

S.T.E.A.M(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts& Mathematics) is an educational practice that emphasizes the application of knowledge in real situations and the approach towards teaching via experimentation and research, favors creativity, innovation, and cooperation in school. It links sciences, mathematics, and art to contemporary technological applications enhancing students' school performance and developing high-level skills among those involved.

During the two days of work development, the terms, the deadlines, and the context development framework have been set, the implementation procedures have been agreed upon, the participants' obligations have been designated, and opinions and ideas have been exchanged through an environment of constructive dialogue and cooperative aura.
First KickOff Meeting